Next summer BBQ-people will gather to the Nopperla farm in Uusikaupunki, Finland. There you will enjoy tasty food made with fire and smoke, music, local products and many trainings and demonstrations for two days.

The event will feature dishes prepared with fire and smoke in accordance with the BBQ theme. The dishes are prepared in a tasting size, so you can enjoy a variety of BBQ delicacies from different BBQ-artists during the festivals. Even the rain does not interfere with the enjoyment, as a giant tent will be built in the area so you can easily enjoy portions and drinks there in case of a rainfall. Purchases of food portions are made with the “BBQ lantti”, which can be purchased at the entrance and against them you will receive portions from the stalls. The value of one “BBQ lantti” is € 8.

Bands are performing in the tent. The official award ceremonies and performances of the event will take place in the tent.

At the “Producers Market” in the event area, local producers present and sell their own products, and you can certainly find the freshest vegetables of the season or even various meats to take home. Various trainings and demonstrations will be organized at the event, so you will get the best tips.

During the event, KCBS’s master-level “BIGFEAST CHALLENGE” BBQ competition will also be held, where Finnish and foreign “Pitmasters” will be smoking about different meats for 24 hours. The race starts on Saturday at 12 noon and ends on Sunday at 12 noon, when the teams servings will be evaluated by the official judges. It is possible to watch the competition right next door and pick up tips for your own barbecues and view the smoking equipment of the race teams.

An official judging course will be held on Saturday in connection with the race, during which you will be able to take part in evaluating the race portions on Sunday.

For more traditional-style family grills, there will be a Finnish Picnic Grill Championship on Sunday, which can be attended as a family or with a group of friends. Teams will use the Kamado Bono Picnic Grill.

In the area of the Nopperla farm, there is an opportunity to get acquainted with the bison, which live on the field right next to the event area. In addition, there is a pond in the area where it is possible to visit backpackers, sup-rafts and fishing kayaks with a guide. There are also companies in the same area that specialize in notch grilling and wildlife skills to present their activities. There is a separate “Children’s Park” area for children, where you can even visit the bouncy castle and do some business with the instructor.

In the area it is possible to spend the night in a caravan area, in a tent or you can stay in the “village of Tentsile”, embracing the trees.

Admission to the event area is € 10 for those over 18. Tickets will available for purchase online and from the gates.

BBQ Import Group OyNopperla Farm and Kamado BONO are responsible for arranging the event.

If you want to be involved in building the tastiest event of the summer, get in touch and we will be happy to tell you more. More information about the event can also be found on our Facebook site.

The main partner of the event is the Finnish manufacturer of the greatest BBQ spices and sauces – POPPAMIES!

Welcome to Nopperla for a good weekend with good food and music for the whole family!